The advantage of going to a studio, of course, is that they have all the tools, the lighting, the backgrounds etc. that are necessary for highlighting the product in the best way possible. When you hire a photographer to come to you, ordinarily they will only be able to bring a camera with them, and perhaps some extra lighting, hardly enough for a full scale photography shoot. Taking your products to the studio, on the other hand, is expensive, time consuming and often difficult. If your products are physically large, or you have a large range of products that need to be photographed, it's simply

infeasible to take it all to someone else's premises. One of our recent clients was apremium wine shop, they had hundreds of bottles that they wanted photographing and it was going to be a logistical nightmare putting hundreds of rare and expensive wines, costing thousands of pounds, to our studio. With our mobile product photography studio he was able to come to them and produce some stunning work. Our mobile photography studio takes all the elements of a traditional studio and brings them to you, so that you don't need to worry about missing out on quality. Besides the obvious advantages of high quality photography and convenience, by bringing the studio to you, We can also offer you advantages you might not previously have considered:

         Product photography is your first, and sometimes only, chance to wow your customers, so it's important that you get it right. There are plenty of people offering tips online for how to do your own in house product photography, and plenty more people offering product photography services at their own studio. We can offer you the best of both worlds: with our mobile photography studio tyou will get professional, high quality product and food

photography, at a place that is convenient for you! All we

need is a few square meteres of floor space and we can

set up our mobile photography studio vertualy anywhere!


Product Photography in London


Our mobile product photography service can offer a number of industry standard ways to photograph you items.

We have a range of light tents, specifically designed to eliminate unwanted glares or reflection. Particularly useful with high gloss items such as glass, jewellery and shiny packaging. There are two different sizes to choose from: large and standard. Large mobile photo studio tent can accommodate items up to 1.5m square.

Our standard light tent for product photography in London can comfortably accommodate products up to 70cm tall and 50cm in Width with a max weight of 6kg.

In Addition to that we can set up almost any photography surface you desire. High gloss, matt, white or black or any other colour. It is even possible to set up a massive background to shoot large furniture items at your warehouse or showroom.


On the Spot Suggestions and Advice

By bringing the portable photography studio to you, Our product photographer is able to get your input on the work he is doing for you. Rather than leaving products with him and hoping for the best (which you are still welcome to do, of course) you are able to be involved with the photography process, offering insights, advice and suggestions about the product that will help make sure the shot you get is the shot you need.


A Stunning Show

Being able to see a professional in action gives you a great insight into how your products are photographed, helping you understand what's possible and what works best, but most of all it makes for an incredibly interesting show.

All we need to bring the portable mobile product photography studio to you, is 3m2 of space to set up and a plug point for our equipment. After that, you can leave the products in our Photographers hands with your requirements, and offer your input along the way for the best product photography results with the least amount of stress.

on location with mobile studio


In the middle of the shoot, perhaps you realise that taking the photo of a single product is not as good as taking a photo with three of the product. If your products were at a studio, you would have to make do with what is already available, or get the extra products to them. At your own premises, you're likely to have the extra products on hand anyway.


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